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I was just vacuuming my place and then all of a sudden it felt like déjà vu , I stopped , felt for a second with my … I don’t exactly know what to call it , intuition? Then out of no where like a brilliant idea, I remember my dream. Although I felt like when I was writing my dream down in the morning it was only a very small piece, it seemed to be the exact piece I needed in order to realize what I needed to in my waking life. I deciphered one of my dreams and it was exact. Earlier in the day when I came home I had accidentally knocked down my pencil case full of all sorts of different colors, markers , pencil shavings etc. all over the floor it goes along with a barrage of other things in my apartment at various locations. I needed to clean. Then my furry companion Buddha and I were sharing some love, in his little kitty craze he knocked over the ash tray, adding to the pre-existing mess. So I asked my mother to borrow her vacuum, since I couldn’t just pick everything up, mind you we also have three other animals. After picking everything up and vacuuming half the apartment it all hits me! I was literally living my dream out only I had a few details mistaken. Understandably, because we try to know everything an label it all, I got a few mixed up, instead of different coloured vegetables it was pencil crayons, the steam I thought was coming from the food was actually coming from the shower I had running and my girlfriend was cooking at the exact same time. Easy to see how some of the details were in the wrong place , still correct but not exactly the right interpretation. Fascinating , but only the tip of the ice burg. I have been practicing and trying my hardest to be able to remember my entire dreams. Slowly I am starting to contemplate on a thought. What if our dreams don’t only show us the days, stresses and wants, what if our dreams show us our entire days, and lives! If only we knew how to decode them. Which apparently means to decode ourselves ( as I am noticing this is exactly what mediums, and anything else of the sort ,are really doing). We really all do live in a different world and at night this comes to life. What if the two are tied together so harmoniously that we have failed to realize the reality of both an instead have decided to focus on the one with the quickest sensual gratification. Pleasuring the lowest of our desires, that of the material, maybe it isnt all bad? Maybe the yin and yang is talking about this balance. In order to lead a truly rewarding life and have lived a thousand life times. All in a nights sleep , the wisdom we could salvage, how wise we could be in all our experiences…. I wonder what power lay there from the shadows knowing but not empowering such creative thought process and capabilities. Makes you wonder

Ps. During the day I was talking with a co-worker Amy about my dream, I mentioned the road and that the one we were walking on reminded me of it. Then I started to describe what different colors mean since the ones in my dream were of significance. Then the pieces all came together later.

Road blocks Part 2 

A small tale that many can relate to, no matter how humiliating it may seem. We have felt the highs, we have definitely all felt the lows. Although this tale can most likely be told from a much earlier point in time, I feel as though high school for me is when it was swim or drown, metaphorically. If we couldn’t make a decision fast enough we were remedial and if we could produce a written or learned formula fast enough, instead of being recognized for having great memorization skills we receive the label of genius, high in aptitude and well suited to face the realities and problems of the real world. Which we are also supposed to also be getting ready live in. Instead of making decisions We were authoritatively forced to live off of these impulses, these quick non-thinking type of decisions and produce the best result instantly every time, for if you didn’t your grade would lower meaning less options/opportunities for universities and colleges, the potential of loosing your social status and friendships, falling out of place in family being the black sheep, or in extreme cases be humiliatingly transferred to a different class or worse , school. Imagine you are this person who just can not for the life of him pay attention as there is sex, fame, drugs, women, guys, friends, family, new sense of identity all emerging at one time and your trying to sit still through this all! Good luck , and for the ones who do and can it is most certainly an acquired taste for conformity and dissipation of individuality as a means of connectedness. The reason I say it this way is because promoting the kind of individuality that we are taught in our society is a different version of individuality that describes individual as;
Meaning: single or separate.

To be in unity with one and yet to be separated so we may enjoy it in our own beautiful way, that is our birth right to have our own perception and live our realities. This is what I believe individuality means to be single or one with the source of love or happiness and yet stay separate so we may understand it in our own respectful ways coming to learn in our own unique and insightful parallel to every person on earth. That is why we are all here to share with each other the beauty of reality and all of its complexities. Individual in our society hardly describes this glorifying experiences , it talks of becoming self sufficient egotists, carving our journey into the earth so no one can forget us, so we may all be remembered for how far we have gotten and what we have accumulated until or passing. The effects of this version are clear, look outside, listen to what can only be described as the opposite of silence, the opposite of coexisting , the opposite of sharing, the opposite of creating. The proof is on our roads and in our buildings. We breath the proof and ingest the proof yet we don’t like to proof read wondering why we feel the way we do. Like a lightning flash I IMPULSED through grade 9,10 and not even making it into grade 11. Then to the military where I wake up in the hospital after an attempt at my own life. Surely it was not true decisions I made to arrive in this position, there is no way that well thought of, and reflected ideas reaching into the past for example, and into the future for assurance were ever made. Instead a barrage of impulses lead me to execution by my own hand. Talk about population control and getting rid of the weak willed. I figure this is where our version of survival of the fittest comes in but that is for a later chapter. Before I knew it I either accepted what I was taught to believe, that I was broken, sick, hurt and mental, that there is a place for me in society, but I have to go here first and get better there and take this and do that, Or I change how I viewed these situations and learn to take them as lessons, real lessons, not like school but living through reality as it is served to our people. Not black people or white people or Asian people, but our people the human race. This is how it is given to us but if we can learn to catch wind of opportunity and use it then We can transform, only then Can we evolve into what we were destined to be. Learn the art of decision making and be as swift as a fox and as strong as a lion with your words. Then, we will be remembered, by the unforgettable impression of confidence and motivation they will see in us.

We can either see the challenges put to us by our predecessors as to much or take them head on facing things that have never been faced before. In all of my books and stories I read the hero always has to go look for his lessons, stumble into them and notice afterwards when he or she is victorious . We live in a golden age where stepping out of our apartment can deliver the same lessons ( with the right perception *) that we have read about in our bibles and sacred texts, or fictionals and even our greatest public figures to date, have had to endure.

So let us all try our hardest to not pity ourselves, but take advantage of this monumental age, when injustice is around every corner, morality and values are backseat to desires and temptations, and propaganda fills our subconscious with irrational fears and beliefs.

We will not conform, we will not be programmed, and we will ascend these travesties made against our people by our people.

Road Blocks Part 1

Along the way the road blocks just jump out of a box. They seem to come out of no where! But mostly everything does.. While doing regular activities in our daily routine we start to notice our soul is becoming increasingly loud in terms of needs, since there are never any wants. The ego is confronted by a transformer not understanding how this being has materialized in this life time, as it is only myth that speaks of such great entities. The soul does not fight nor does it nag, but if you ignore for to long , then there will be no reason for this soul to have emerged if the one harboring does not want to realize. With great power comes great responsibilities , so with realization comes decisiveness. With all the new responsibilities you will face not so many of them will be as hard as learning the art of making decisions. Googles definition of decision is as follows;

A conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.

The action or process of deciding something or of resolving a question.
a formal judgment. The ability or tendency to make decisions quickly.

synonyms: resolution, conclusion, settlement, commitment, resolve, determination, verdict, finding, ruling, recommendation, judgment, judgment call, pronouncement, adjudication, order, rule, resolve;findings, results;determination, decisiveness.
synonyms: decisiveness, determination, resolution, resolve, firmness.

We are supposed to make decisions in life. Our entire life is an amalgamation of millions if not billions of decisions, and for some strange reason it would seem as though we generally make impulses. Google describes impulse as follows

A sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act. The tendency to act impulsively. A driving or motivating force; an impetus.

Synonyms: urge, instinct, drive, compulsion, itch.

We probably all impulse a lot more than decision make, this is reflected in our life, how we are treated, the people around us, where we work, what we eat, when we eat, when we sleep, and the list never ends. A constant state of either decision making, or impulsing, we may only do some slight decision making with the remainder of decisions to be impulses or vice versa. We get caught in low vibrational thinking so we don’t become mentally exhausted. Not wanting to disturb the little conscious peace we may have temporarily acquired before bed or in the bathroom.

This is not enough, it states that impulsiveness is synonymous with instinctual. What have we learned since pre school or since we were old enough to learn right from wrong ? Are we not conscientious intellectuals that have the ability to reflect into the past? Confabulate the future, and use that to make a decision here in the present based off all existing holographic models within your conscious reality? Not only does this enable us to progress in a superbly efficient and magical way but it gives us the power to make the absolute best possible decision for ourselves and everything around us at all times! There is no rule book that says you need only decision make on the “big things” and impulse about everything else. Who even knows what we consider to be a big thing or small thing since we all have our own perceptions.

Perfect Imperfection

We are perfect the way we are… That is if everyday we try our hardest to make it a point to be the best human being we can be. This is not having a good day at work, the universe does not see us making money, it feels our intentions corresponding to our desires that we may hold true to our perception of what money can do for us. Go out and be a genuine-integrity driven individual for the sake of being a good human being. Do not let even one negative thought be processed or received . When we do this, the fallacies of life become ever apparent as they seem to smack us around until you take control. Then with proper positioning we attain this grand concept that the only thing of true importance in our existence, as a species, is undivided love for all. When deciding to put faith into our universe we come to the understanding that the universe has invested a significant amount of itself in our souls , it is not only our duty to discover the universe within but our obligation as creative self propelling aspects of the universe . Perfection is an imperfect form of thought, making us separate from one another when really we are all imperfectly perfect , fractals of perfection. Each containing perfection of the source within. Acknowledging this perfection can help us to see what the big picture is instead of noticing the inabilities of another , which is, in truth, only another aspect of ourselves that we have not come to terms with. Notice when in a disagreement what is it that is REALLY eating you up. Hold up an imaginary mirror and argue with yourself for a minute, take in how you are making yourself feel and understand this is not the other persons fault but this anger or view is coming from you. One can only transfer energy to another not create within another (birth and pregnancy being of slightly different context) , so when we are making ourselves receptive to behaviors we detest by focusing on them in others it makes it that much easier for them to cultivate that energy towards us, since, the universe is always In flow and never resisting, be careful as to what you invite in. Like a single plant in an ecosystem that gives off unique vibrations in order to maintain other plant life in the ecosystem, we all need and are truly dependent on one another. Unity. Love


As I sit beside the treadmill at work running one of the canine companions, I can not help but see this “connectedness” about everything. From animal body language , to what we classify as human body language , giving and receiving energy, and one of the most important how to control your energy or other beings energies for a desired outcome.

Instead of getting into depth with each of the topics, I would rather we just sit back for a second and meditate on the natural ebb and flow of nature and life.

Even our breath is like an ocean expanding and receding.

Or the lunar gravitational “pushes” and “pulls”

Those lunar movements can also be likened to the center of our being, the heart, pulsating life throughout limbs, giving power to our thought , ultimately our love.

Everything is connected , we need only expand our awareness

One love

Learning To Let Go (Rant)

Change, transformation, transmutation , ascension, enlightenment, this spark of divinity, blessing from birth, gift of immortality is a difficult lifestyle to accept. When thinking of life and the situations that occur and arise, take place on this level of existence as a result of how we perceive things, it is not attractive to submit to the proclamation that the only reason anything is “bad” may be solely due to your scope of vision and understanding. Not only an understanding of the inner workings of your physical body and consciousness but how to apply that understanding to every alley of your inner being and project that view, that perception unto our reality. It is OUR reality because without my reality to sustain another’s idea of reality we would have holes all over our reality. I can liken it to having to place a stone down for every person alive, only in order for the person to place the stone they must first get the stone from the individual after them. In this concept it would seem as though we are taking other peoples realities and placing them down as our stones then right? That is exactly how reality works, reality is our perception of the world and our perception is that of what we have learned it to be from what ever respectable background we come from, or what ever process you have come to understand from the system of our education and learning.None of these stones may be the correct reality, although, all these stones may contain nearly identical realities. Accepting the fact that even though we may not like this stone / reality we have just bin handed, we place it down before us and hope to make the best of this reality we have just taken over. Learning to let go at this stage is risky to say the least. Let go of all I have learned? Take responsibility for all my actions?( and not in a “if I brake it I buy it” attitude but in a way that after you have just spoken to someone you know that the fact that you didn’t remember his/her name upon leaving hurt them or when you are in a rush to go some place and as soon as you step outside it is like now everyone has to be somewhere aswell ). If this is true than are you telling me my whole life has been someone else’s reality, or perception, that i have been living in a world that others constructed for me?

Just what is taking responsibility for your life?

Taking responsibility for your life ,all actions and behavior it at first seems like a depressing option for living a glorifying existence. How can you possibly make yourself happy knowing that everything that comes your way is directly a result of past or present actions and thought processes. When taking responsibility there is a kind of magic that takes place, suddenly you don’t have to be told why you or your life is the way it is. You see clearly the true issues underlining older perception issues. Taking responsibility is taking control, if you are a man or women that needs power than I encourage you to indulge, on the other side of that coin, if you have never experienced true power be sure not to blink to much as you will miss the creative powers of your nature manifest before your eyes. You start to see that the only reason Rebecca said what she did is because you CHOSE a particular linguistic pattern to communicate the emotion you thought would resonate with her, and that is IF you have a mutual respect for each other. How many of our people today have even that for one another. The patience to listen, the respect to see that like you, we all have our handful of “problems” going on in our lives, and empathy to understand and feel with your fellow brothers and sisters the highs and lows of our collective conscious universal reality. These simple rules are deceptive, ego does not accept manual over ride of its systems so abruptly and decisively and will do anything within its power to try and keep you playing for the other team, the team that includes only you instead of the universal team. In learning to let go, and accepting the fact that all is one.

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